Preparation Tips

If you plan to go outdoors for your shoot, there are lots of things which need consideration, especially if children are involved. First of all, I try to avoid areas with busy roads. Fields and parks are a great idea as the children will enjoy the chance to run around safely and have fun. I also love to find unusual or unique locations such as industrial estates or places with great texture or architecture, as these often make your photographs very unique.

In terms of studio or indoor photography, plan for approximately two outfits with at least 2 to 3 styles of shots for variety.  Some examples include:

  • Sitting the family on a sofa by a window;
  • By a doorway with great natural light; or
  • Using a range of props, like some old suitcases or fun chairs for the kids to sit on.

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When shooting outdoors, I suggest taking blankets with you as some children and parents don’t like to get dirty when sitting on the ground. We also recommend they take wellington boots because shoes and stilettos aren’t ideal attire!

For studio or indoor shoots bring a selection of outfits for each family member, as well as favorite toys, teddies or even musical instruments for older children. This allows you to personalize your shoot and also brings variety to the final images.

You will want to prepare approximately two outfits for your shoot. You should wear your first choice of outfit to the shoot. Come ready to go so that your session time is not wasted by getting dressed on site. If you need help with ideas for clothing, I’ve got you covered. Ladies, click here. Men, click here. I also have a link for couples and family photo shoot clothing ideas.

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Poses And Props

I love beautiful natural photography and for that I want the children and parents to be relaxed.  I usually allow the children to explore and kind of do their own thing, especially at first to allow them to adjust to the surroundings and not be scared or too shy.  It is often better if parents look on from a distance as it allows me to build a rapport with the children, to have some fun and to help the children realize that this is going to be fun. Please don’t be alarmed if I make funny faces or noises at your children to get them to smile, laugh or relax a bit.

Once the children warm up to me, I can be more directional – I often intersperse more formal styled family poses with natural ones where the children don’t feel under pressure. I move between these two types of photography throughout the shoot. Outdoors styling and props may include sitting in front of lovely backdrops like nice containers or old doors. I use anything I find, from fallen logs in woodland areas to benches and fences in parks – basically anything that creates a focal point in the images. Be sure to use these ready-made props as they often bring in perspective and an extra layer of texture and personality to the photographs.


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